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Business Link Website - Unique Features

Time for change, we have combined every feature to support british businesses

Business Link Website is one of several main supporting parent websites that we provide to help businesses be found online. The combination of all of our unique features not only uses traditional methods to get your business found, but also opens up new opportunities with our network linking capabilities.

We provide listing pages by category, location and search engine phrase

We use our extensive knowledge of search engines to position businesses in search results for users looking for a type of business. In addition to this we also provide the ability for your business to be found by user location search by combining our categories & locations to create over 100 million pages for user search options. We also provide a phrase search, handy for any relivant user search terms that would generate you business.

Associated Business Linking & championing our favourite / local businesses

When users search for a product or service often they will use more than one, for example, a consumer looking for a T.V. supplier may need an aerial fitter or an electrician. Logically there are many links that can be created to help businesses be found, with many links being reciprocated for the benefit of the business and the consumer looking for a service. In addition to this we give businesses the opportuntity to link together on a local basis or champion their personal 3 favourites by supporting and promoting each other.

Our right to be seen policy - fair play for every business that we advertise

It is well known that a user conducting a search in a search engine will rarely explore more than page one or page two of a list of search results. This user search, combined with the fact that top few places in search results generate more enquiries than businesses appearing lower down a list, has resulted in us applying our right to be seen algorithm throughout our sites. It places every business on an equal footing by rotating the top slots on an equal basis to ensure that every business has it's position at the top of the list and opportunity to generate a higher level of enquiries.

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